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Blurb - A Simple Software Publishing Tool

Updated: Feb 13 is a versatile self-publishing platform that empowers individuals to bring their creative projects to life in the form of professional-quality printed books and ebooks. Founded in 2005 by Eileen Gittins and supported by venture capital firms Canaan Partners and Anthem Venture Partners, Blurb simplifies the publishing process for a broad audience, including personal book-makers, authors, photographers, hobbyists, small business owners, and executives.

Blurb's services are designed to be user-friendly, offering tools that facilitate the design, publication, promotion, and selling of photo books, trade books, and magazines across both print and digital formats. The platform provides software solutions to aid with book layout, ensuring a streamlined creation process for its users

A Simple Process

Design and Layout: Using Blurb's tools, you design your book, arranging content and choosing styles.

Publishing: Once the design is complete, you publish the book through Blurb's platform.

Promotion: Blurb offers marketing tools to help you promote your book.

Sales and Distribution: You can sell the book directly through Blurb or distribute it to other retailers.

Printing and Shipping: Despite the creation of books from many countries around the world including the UK, the books are printed and shipped from the USA. Please keep this in mind for the cost of shipping and distribution.

A key aspect of Blurb's offering is its marketing platform, which allows creators to not only publish their works but also promote and sell them, tapping into the potential of a global audience (hence utalising the mass market of the USA!). This end-to-end service model is part of Blurb's commitment to unlocking the creative potential within everyone, making it accessible for a diverse range of creators to self-publish and distribute their work.

Whether for personal use or commercial distribution, Blurb's inclusive ecosystem is tailored to support creators at every step of their publishing journey, from conception to sales.

Our Example:-

Here is a fun project, written by our inhouse Software Specialist with the assistance of an early A.I. LLM (Artificial Intelligence Large Language Model). 

Below is our trusted Third Party sellers website, where the seller independently manages their data and transactions. You may wish to Accept or Reject All the data tracking for visiting the site:-

Please note that this is an entertaining marketing pamphlet created as an example via and is unlikely to become a best selling book! (approximately thirty pages of content only). If you are in the UK, the shipping costs would be expensive. Alternatively, you can download a pdf version from Blurb website or email us directly.

If you’d like to learn more about utilising Software Tools or Writing a book with A.I. technology follow us at

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